Room Booking for 25th March 2015

Hope everyone enjoyed Venus in Furs as it is one of my favourite texts.

I am just confirming that the room we will be meeting in tomorrow, 2.00pm-5.00pm, will be W112 which I am told is in the Law Court Building on the De Havilland campus.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

2 thoughts on “Room Booking for 25th March 2015

  1. Hi,
    Will try to come in today but I have no car at the moment which makes the journey quite involved. We looked at this text for our Dandies and Decadents module so will see what we thought at the time. It was a significant period in the development of ‘sexology’ but not always a good political climate for any sort of different view. Hope I can get there anyway.

    • Cool beans. No worries if you can’t make it – car troubles are a ‘mare, I know. Hopefully see you there. I may have news …

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