Next Session of Reading the Gothic – 25th March 2015

Just to confirm: the next session of Reading the Gothic will be on Wednesday 25th March, 2.00pm-5.00pm. Unfortunately I cannot book a room that far in advance but once I return, I’ll endeavour to do so and then post the meeting place on the blog.

For our text I have decided on Venus in Furs by Leopald Von Sacher-Masoch. (Fun fact: Sacher-Masoch’s name is where we get the term ‘masochism’ from so we will get a delightful insight into BDSM). This is a short novella but beautifully written and very sensuous and decadent. It is interesting to read in light of the furore over Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James – both the novel and the movie of the same name – and it will be good to compare the two texts.

Hopefully this should also fit in with the Gothic module especially as Venus in Furs can be read in comparison to The Picture of Dorian Grey as well as decadent literature in general. There is also an element of Beauty and the Beast in the narrative arc which fits in with the readings for the ‘Generation Dead’ module.

I look forward to pulling it apart in full.

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