Final Session (for this year)


After much discussion, we have decided on Wednesday 21st May, 2.00pm Р4.00pm 3.00pm-5,00pm, as the final session for this year. It will take place in Club de Havilland so we can celebrate the end of the year. Given the addition of liquid refreshments we may be staying longer than usual, once our tongues have been suitably lubricated by liquor (or tea/ coffee/ any other soft drink).

Rather than start anything new, we will be looking at the texts that we covered over the year. It might be worth having a quick glance over the posts reviewing what we discussed to remind yourself of anything you liked/ disliked.

As well as this, we will be discussing our own work. So do email round anything Gothic you have been working on – fiction or nonfiction – and we can talk about it at the session. Hopefully this will be a constructive endeavour and it will be great to see what our personal responses to the Gothic have been.

Looking forward to seeing you. Good luck in all your exams and assignments.

NOTE: The time has been changed slightly (moved back an hour). So see you at 3.00pm instead of the usual 2.00pm.

The Gothic on Hiatus


Just to confirm that we are currently on hiatus to allow for essays and exams.

Once we have confirmed the final date for our tenth session via the means of email and possibly a spreadsheet, it will be posted here. Hopefully this will be sometime in early May. Then we shall break for summer!

In the meantime, if you see anything Gothic or read anything wonderful let us know and we can post it up for everyone to see.

Good luck in your studies!