Next Session – Wednesday 5th February

Our next session will be on Wednesday 5th February, room TBC shortly.

After the marathon that was The Accursed, we have decided to go for a few short sprints over the next couple of sessions.

Following in the words of Lord Byron at the now infamous sojourn at the Villa Diodati, we will each choose a ghost story.

Selected texts so far are:

Bec – ‘The Bloody Chamber‘ by Angela Carter

Matt – ‘J. Habakuk Jephson’s Statement‘ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This is probably enough for next time, but please email your suggestions to Kaja and we can slot these in next time.



Attaching a link to exhibition information for the British Library. A group outing might be fun. I was also thinking about the amount of Gothic imagery and content in Japanese manga and anime. My daughter, who is a big fan, and I came up with some suggestions for things we could look at if it’s not too far from the scope of the group: Soul Eater, Death Note, Black Butler, any number of vampires, D Gray Man.I’m thinking about some fin de siecle short stories and will get back to you soon. Thanks for the fun and interesting session.



One thought on “Next Session – Wednesday 5th February

  1. That sounds like an awesome idea Bev. I just read about the Gothic exhibition at the British Library. I would certainly be up for visiting it. Also the BL is really easy to get to from King’s Cross which is easily connectible from Hatfield.

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